Conjugating Avoir in the Present Tense

by | January 4, 2018

On this page, you will learn how to conjugate the verb avoir in the present tense. Along with the verb être, the verb avoir is perhaps the most important verb in the French language. It’s important to know how to conjugate this verb without hesitation because it often acts as a auxiliary verb when building other verb tenses such as passé composé, among others. There is a video on how to conjugate avoir in the present tense, as well as a 20-question quiz and a complimentary downloadable PDF file with answer key. Feel free to use these in your classroom.

It would be good if you already have a previous knowledge of the pronouns, in order for you to simply focus on the conjugation of the verb avoir for every pronoun. If not, simply immerse yourself in conjugating verbs and the pronouns will become part of your natural “internal grammar”.

Avoir Present Tense Conjugation Quiz Downloads

Avoir Present Tense Conjugation Quiz

Avoir Present Tense Conjugation Quiz Answer Key

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